Abb IP Converter
Abb IP Converter

I/P Signal Converter for Standard Signals

Proven and reliable concept
Compact design
– Small dimensions, light weight
Sturdy construction and solid functionality
– Influence of shock and vibration < 1% at 10 g
Variety of signal ranges
– Input, e.g., 0 … 20 mA or 4 … 20 mA
– Output 0.2… 1 kg/cm2 (3… 15 psi)
High air capacity
Complies with the following directives
– EMC Directive 89/336/EEC as of May 1989
Additional temperature range
– from -40 … 85 °C
Ex protection approvals for use worldwide
– Intrinsically safe and Explosion proof operation
Several different designs
– IP 20 control room housing unit for rail mounting
– IP 54 plastic field housing unit
– IP 65 aluminum or stainless steel housing unit
Single module
– For OEM application (upon request)

Bellofram IP Convertor
Bellofram IP Convertor

Bellofram IP Convertor

The Type 1000 Transducer is an electro-pneumatic device that reduces a supply pressure to a regulated output pressure  directly proportional to an electrical input signal. The Type 1000 accepts a wide range of supply pressures, ranging from a minimum of 3 psig (0.2 BAR) above the maximum output up to 100 PSIG (6.9 BAR). An integral pneumatic volume booster is included in the design to provide high flow capacity (up to 12 SCFM/339 SLPM). Model selections include general purpose, NEMA 4X Type, extended range, high relief, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof.



The Type 1000 Transducer converts an electrical signal to a pneumatic output which can be used to operate the following:
• Valve actuators
• Damper and louver actuators
• Valve positioners
• Controllers
• Relays
• Air cylinders
• Clutches and brakes

ip converter
ip converter

Transducers series 500MK

MYKO 500 MK Series transducers are ideally used to convert current or voltage input signal to a nearly proportional pneumatic output pressure. This versatile instrument is rugged and reliable force balance transducers for use in both process control and industrial applications, for standard process control applications which typically utilise 3 to 15psig output and industrial & high
pressure application which typically utilise pressure output up to 120 psig.

Integrated Characteristics:

  • Compact Design.
  • Low Air Consumption.
  • Integral Volume Booster-flow capacity up to 20 SCFM is boosted by the built in Volume booster.
  • Field Reversible – Output provides inversely proportional to input signal.
  • Flexible Adjustments of Zero & Span.
  • Standard Process Inputs.
  • Split Ranging
  • NEMA 4X (Ip65) Enclosure – Optional

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