Mini Blue Paperless Recorder
(KH200B-F )

KH200B-F mini blue paperless recorder (72x72x105mm, up to 4 channels) is blue LCD display; universal input such as thermocouple, thermal resistance, current and voltage; adopts SMT technology, modular structure output functions such as alarm (max 2 outputs), auxiliary power supply for sensors output, retransmission, print and communication etc. Measuring data can be displayed in various types, such as graphic display as bar-graph, real-time trending, history trending memory, alarming state display; also can be printed in curve and data by mini printer through RS232 port. At the same time, it also provides features to check the data’s of year, month, day, hour, minute, second directly. The recorder can be configuration with OPC server, SCADA system and other professional software with MODBUS-RTU communication protocol through RS485 and RS232 port, plug and play, easy and flexible. PC supported data analysis software can print the data in curve and output Excel format for further analysis.


Accuracy  ±(0.2%FS+1 ) digit
Power supply 85-240VAC; 24VDC
Display 2.8inch, 128×64 dot-matrix LCD
Input Signal T.C: K, S, E, J, T, B,N
RTD: PT100, CU50, CU100
Linear voltage: 0-5V, 1-5V
Linear current: 0-1 OmA, 4-20mA
Others: R, WRe526, mv, customized etc



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